Top Car Gadgets Under $20

We have compiled a list of our top 3 selling car gadgets priced under $20. These car gadgets are very popular both in our physical store and website. If you're having trouble finding the right gadget for someone, this list is for you. Don't worry, you do not need much car knowledge to understand how these gadgets work. 

1. Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler


This "As Seen on Shark Tank" gadget fills in that annoying gap between the seat and center console. This is a must have gadget for anyone who owns a car. Having objects fall in that gap can also be dangerous and lead to distracted driving. The installation is simple and does not require any tools. Simply recline the seat back and install the Drop Stop over the seat belt catch. Be sure to pick up one for both the driver and passenger side.

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2. Battle Visor by Atomic Beam

Having trouble with glare from the sun while driving? Do you find yourself fumbling with the car visor to block the sun and see enough of the windshield? Simply attach this gadget to your car visor for added glare protection without sacrificing clarity. No tools required! As a bonus, the Battle Visor also has a "sun spot blocker" allowing even more protection. This is another gadget that you may want to consider purchasing 2, one for both the driver and passenger side. 

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3. Windshield Wonder

This "As Seen On TV" windshield cleaning tool features a long handle that makes cleaning your windshield easy. Those windshields can be hard to reach with only a cloth. The Windshield Wonder use a microfiber bonnet attached to a 16" handle to clean the windshield. The handle detaches and allows for easy storage in the glove box. Priced at $9.99, this is a must have gadget for the car. The Windshield Wonder includes 2 microfiber bonnets and 1 spray bottle along with the handle.  

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